Cookie Policy

We use cookies on this site to improve services and provide customers with more tailored experiences.

1. Definition and Purpose of Cookies and their Types

Cookies refer to the functionality of recording information about visitors to the GX Dashboard (hereinafter referred to as "this site") on their electronic devices (such as computers, smartphones, or tablets capable of connecting to the internet). By using cookies, it becomes possible to acquire information about visit frequency and visited pages on this site. The GX League Office uses cookies and related technologies on this site to protect user privacy and enhance convenience. Additionally, cookies and related technologies may be used to acquire browsing history within this site (such as accessed URLs), device information, and non-personally identifiable attributes. However, please note that cookies and related technologies do not collect any personal information.

2. Types of Information Collected by Cookies, Collection Methods, and Storage Periods

  • The information collected includes consent when browsing this site and information on correct answers during e-learning.
  • In the collection process, Google's access analysis software (Google Analytics) is also used.
  • The collection methods involve storage in the respective browsers used by clicking, answering correctly, and browsing.
  • The storage period follows the settings in the respective browsers used. By default, it is indefinite, but it may be deleted after a certain period depending on the settings.

3. Restrictions on Use and Provision to Third Parties

The GX League Office, unless otherwise specified due to special reasons, will not use the collected information for purposes other than those stated in I or provide it to third parties unless there is a disclosure request based on laws, illegal activities such as unauthorized access or threats, or other special reasons. However, information such as statistically processed access information to this site or user attributes may be disclosed.

4. Cookie Configuration, Refusal, and Deletion Methods

Cookies can be refused or deleted through the settings in each browser. Please refer to the Help section of your browser for instructions on how to configure these settings.

Last update: December 26, 2023